ETKO Animal health and economy -project

The project is organizing education to the veterinarians about management and economy of cattle farms today. The project is also improving farmers’, farm employees’ and farm relief workers’ know-how about preventive animal health care and its effect on the profitability of the farm. The vets, farmers, farm employees and farm relief workers update their know-how about digitalization and new solutions of technology are brought to the use on farms.

In the project there will be a team of professionals, who help and support the farmer. By discussions and exchange of knowledge they can improve animal health and farmers’ welfare. The members of this team can be for example a veterinarian, feeding advisor, breeding advisor, technician of artificial insemination, dairy advisor and professionals of milking and farm technology. Easy digital solutions and applications will be used in exchanging the knowledge between the teams.

During the project the farmers will be establish also their own teams. The target of these teams is to give peer support in improving the farm and solving different kind of problems on the farm.

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